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I’m stuck and can’t get going.

Only boring people get bored.

Why did you get stuck on that project?  Is it simply a lack of motivation?  You had the motivation to start whatever it was that you started.  But somewhere along the process you got bogged down.

Could it be that your initial assumptions about the ease of the project were wrong?  Could it be that the perceived payoff of starting the project were not being realized fast enough?  Who knows.  If it is worth doing, you should get back at it.

In this age of twitter, facebook, email, and texting , instant gratification can confuse your inner motivation.  “Why is this project taking so long!?”

You can get a meal at a drive thru in minutes but your project may take days, weeks or months (or longer!) for you to see a pay off.  If it was worth starting, it’s worth riding it out.  (And don’t eat so much fast food) Make it yourself, and here’s some tips for making your own meals.

You should get back at it because it’s probably worth doing.  Don’t put it off.

Most things worth doing right, aren’t easy anyway.

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