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I’ve never done that before

You're the little guy.

Just because you’ve never done it before doesn’t mean that you won’t be good at it.

My daughter was never good at tying her shoes until she started tying her shoes.  She would get frustrated and yell and be angry and pout about not being able to tie her shoes until, she figured it out.  It was very frustrating to her.  It was frustrating because I was sitting right there and could have just tied them for her.  I could have done that with ease, but then she would have taken much longer to learn it herself and she wanted them tied right now.  I think most people would agree that kids need to be able to tie their own shoes at some point.

Now she can tie her shoes on her own.  No more frustration and no more fits or complaints about not wanting to wear shoes.  She’s had similar growing pains with putting on her seat belt, buttoning up her own clothes and playing Angry Birds on the Ipod touch.  At each milestone, less and less frustration is shown because she’s mastered the process of learning.  The frustration is less apparent each time she is confronted with a new challenge.

So why aren’t you challenging yourself?   What’s the next thing that you could do in your life that would push you past your current situation?  Because you know what, you can do it.  You’ve overcome greater challenges before.  Maybe you’ve forgot that struggle normally leads to growth.  It’s okay to struggle.  It’s not okay to give up.

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