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The Big Green Monsters and other game changers

As I sat and watched the final week of the 2010 NFL season my thoughts turned towards the unbelievable sustained excellence of the New England Patriots.  They are simply an amazing organization and football team.  If you don’t live in the New England area you may not be familiar with the rise of Tom Brady, the quarterback of the team.  Here’s a recap and a little insight.

Great QB's trying to avoid the Big Green Monster

Do you know who was a solid quarterback in the NFL for years?  Drew Bledsoe.  His bio is here.  It’s quite an impressive football resume.  He was a great quarterback in the 1990’s and the face of the New England Patriots for nearly a decade.  He was a pro bowler and a leader on a very good football team.  He even led the team to the Super Bowl only to lose to a Brett Favre lead Green Bay Packer team.  He was the #1 player drafted in the 1993 draft and lived up to those expectations.  He was a smart, strong and an outstanding football player during his career in New England.  And then, Drew was tackled and suffered internal bleeding and was replaced by a 6th round draft pick.  That draft pick was just there to fill in until he could heal.  That draft pick was Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is a fighter.  His quarterback career was not handed to him nor was it easy.  At the University of Michigan he was just one of half a dozen quarterbacks on the roster his first two years.  He finally won the starting job and had an impressive career at a very good school known for football excellence.  But the NFL wasn’t sold on his skills.  He was drafted in the 6th round, pick 199.  Hardly a slam dunk as an NFL player.  He was 4th on the depth chart for the New England Patriots at the beginning of the 2001 season.  For those of you not familiar with professional football, that’s akin to winning the lottery, three times in order to move up to the starter job.  Moving up in the depth chart is tough in the NFL.  Having Pro Bowler Drew Bledsoe sitting at the top of the depth chart probably means you’re never going to see a professional snap in a real NFL game.  That fact didn’t deter Brady.  He worked hard, focused, trained and slowly moved up the depth chart until the opportunity presented itself.  Tom Brady has arguably become the best quarterback in the history of the NFL since he was given a chance.

A crushing blow by Mo Lewis of the hated rival New York Jets to Drew Bledsoe gave Tom Brady that chance.  A chance he was well prepared for.

So who are you in this story?  Most of us would love to be Tom Brady.  He is the best of all time at his chosen craft.  Is that unrealistic for you?  What about Drew Bledsoe?  He was really, really good to.  He’s gone on to more success after his football career as well.  Do you identify with Drew Bledsoe?

One crushing blow

Unless you’ve only ever had one job in your life, someone has replaced you.  And you’ve probably replaced someone at some other job.  I’m sure Drew Bledsoe considers himself a successful and above average quarterback.  He wasn’t just mediocre, he was really good.  It just so happens that the guy who replaced him was better, better than everyone who has ever played the position.

This post isn’t about Bledsoe or Brady, it’s about Mo Lewis.  He was the Big Green Monster for Drew Bledsoe.  Be great, do your best and watch your blind side for the Big Green Monster coming to crush you.  It might be a co- worker, a competitor or ally.  Just be ready because someday that career crusher is coming and you need to be agile enough to dodge whatever it may be.  The enemy only attacks at two times, when they are ready and you are not.

After the devastating loss of Drew Bledsoe, the New England Patriots have a 13-3 record against the New York Jets and four Super Bowl appearances, winning three times.  The Jets don’t have any Super Bowl appearances in that same time frame.   It looks like new England was prepared, are you?

  1. January 28, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    No Super Bowl for the Jets this year. Though they did get one step closer than the Patriots.


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  2. February 7, 2011 at 6:34 am

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