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Be an outlaw. Live outside the rules

Rules are very useful.  They tell you exactly what you can do.  They outline when and where something needs to be done and who is supposed to do certain tasks.  Rules clarify roles and dictate deadlines and give pricing guidelines.  Projections are much easier to make when rules are driving the company forward. 

Being an outlaw might save you.


If you’re not sure what to do, simply consult the rules and applicable regulations.  Rules are very, very comforting.  Rules will never let you down.  They are tried and tested and provide much needed support and structure.

Until the rules are wrong. 

What if the rules are holding you and your company back?  What if “the way we’ve always done that” isn’t relevant anymore.  Now you want to break “office law” by not following the rules if you speak up.

Live outside the rules. Be an outlaw. 

Rules aren’t that helpful.  Rules actually protect stagnation and guarantee eventual failure if blindly worshiped and followed. 

Blockbuster followed the rules.  Look how well that is working out.  The rules are rent videos and DVDs.  If the customer is late, they will be charged late fees.  Those rules were non negotiable.  Those rules made Blockbuster a lot of money but that success also blinded them.  Netflix doesn’t have those rules.  So what rules are holding you back?

Admit it, outlaws are pretty cool.  You can be an outlaw.

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