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Apathy kills

I was stationed in Korea twice, two years each time.  When I got to my units I heard similar themes about how things worked.  Most people who came to Korea only worked there for a year.  A year is just long enough to figure out what was going on and then towards the end of your year you’d leave.  Then someone would come in to replace the seasoned personnel and not have the institutional knowledge that the previous person had.

No customers.

Rules would attempt to help bridge the gap.  But what happens when those rules are flawed.

Unfortunately the pervasive attitude was,

  1. I don’t know how things work, I just got here.
  2. I’ve been here a while, and that’s just the way we do things
  3. I don’t care, I’m leaving soon


These are not good mindsets.  If you walk into a similar situation know that you are up against a brick wall and you’ll need to destroy that wall with your effort and perseverance.

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