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A tale of two neighbors

Both neighbors were at the age where high school was almost over.  Both were very good students and active in several school and community groups.  Both were eager to move on to college and explore new horizons. 

But before they left for school they had a choice to make.  The choice wasn’t really about where they would attend but by what means they would they pay for it?  This is a critical life choice that has implications far beyond the choice of dorm or meal plans.  It has to do with limiting your future self to a smaller and smaller set of future options. 

Choose your path


The neighbor on the right immersed herself into the University community and took out enormous loans and graduated with a 3.26 GPA and several awards for community work and over $60,000 in student debt after five years.

The neighbor on the left chose to go to the local community college and stay home for two years and work and save to pay cash for school.  She graduated on the same day from the same University as her neighbor with $0 in student debt and a 3.06 GPA.

What short term choices are you making in your life order to reach your goals?  Are you seeing all the available options?  Are you choosing the right path?

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