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The little things you do make a huge difference

Not everyone is meticulous.  That’s fair.  I don’t always pick up my sweatpants or make my bed.  I miss birthdays too.  I don’t always send a card.  I miss a few.  I’m not very meticulous in that regard.  I don’t have a good system or rather, I choose not to implement one.  Those little things don’t matter enough to me to make a change. 

Not what you were aiming for


What does matter to me is being relevant and reliable.  If I say I’m going to do something, nine times out of ten it’s going to get done.  I’m pretty reliable.  I also want to stay relevant.  I try to make sure that other decision makers know who I am and don’t waste opportunities to interact with them.  Interacting with them doesn’t always have to be on a professional level either.  Any chance to say “Hi” and make small talk is a chance to build a relationship.  Don’t underestimate the ability to be human and share with another person. 

It’s those little things that so many of us struggle with.  Sometimes we may have a focus that is off the mark.  Maybe we can’t bring ourselves to do what we signed up to do.  We don’t’ do it “on purpose”, we do it with absence of thought or care.  In my book it’s just about the same thing. 

If your personal brand isn’t reliable and relevant that’s okay just make sure the adjectives that describe you are positive ones otherwise your boss, coworkers or customers will consider you lazy and undeserving of their trust or business.

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