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Expect the unexpected

The unexpected can’t be planned or scheduled.  You’d like to think that you can handle just about anything and maybe you can but sometimes the unexpected happens.  Actually, the unexpected happens all the time. 

Everyone is listening, all the time


When humans are involved, so many different factors come into play with people that you just never know what crazy things people could do or say.  Take for instance my two year old, some days she is the nicest, sweetest little girl who has manners to spare.  Other days she thinks she’s sixteen years old.  Both are unexpected.  It shouldn’t be though, because she is currently the youngest and absorbs and hears everything that her older sister, brother, myself and my wife do and say.  Her surrounding are limited to four people and the occasional television show.

So maybe the unexpected things she says is simply my failure to recognize how adept she has become in picking up on phrases, facial expressions and new words from the rest of us.

In your life, is the unexpected really that unexpected?  Or did you fail to realize that the people you surround yourself with are taking inputs from others that are shaping their outlook?  Make sure you are also shaping and interacting with those around you.  Maybe you’ll be less surprised in the future.


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