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Who or what controls your time?

It's slipping away

One thousand four hundred and forty minutes.  That’s all you get today and that’s all you get tomorrow.  That’s your day. In that time you need to do a lot.  Here are some of the basics that most of us do; sleep, eat, hygiene, travel, work, interact with friends/family. 


That list is what most of us do on a daily basis just to be a human.  You could do less.

Why not do more?  It’s your time.  I’ve found that in the time I used to watch regular TV shows I’ve been able to start and run a business.  That’s right.  I turned off American Idol and in its place I have created work for other people and an income stream for myself.

Come on, it can’t be that easy you scoff.  You’re right, I didn’t say it was easy.  I’m only talking about reallocating minutes of my day to something else.  Just thirty minutes a day for an entire week gives you three and a half hours.  That’s a lot of time to do something else.  Multiply that by a month or a year and you have time for anything.

Since I stopped my daily blog a few weeks back I have been very conscious of minutes.  I often wonder where they all have gone each day.  Short of hiring a personal assistant, I’m now declaring one thousand four hundred and forty minutes all mine.  They will not disappear, I own them, and I control them.

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